Sofas, armchairs, upholstered chairs

This is a guarantee of unique and durable, thanks to the materials assembled with care and featuring coatings obtained with fabrics and leathers of the highest quality. We still use the raw flax derived, springs, cotton wool and feather. We perform traditional stringing, which is a guarantee of comfort over time, but we also master […]

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We create custom made beds, padded bed heads, box springs built by craftsmen, customizable stiffness and high quality mattresses. We are specialized in creating bed linen set, bed-covers, additions and coating beds, with trim and stitching impeccably performed by the expert hands of our master craftsman. We take care of your health, because a good […]

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Interior curtains

We make tailor-made curtains offering a wide choice of finishes and materials. We use advanced machinery and we pay attention to every detail embellishing the execution with hand stitches. There is a wide range of systems and sticks.

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Outdoor blinds

We offer a wide range of solutions for your exterior thanks to the various kinds of motorized or mechanical movement – remote control available with wide range of fabrics to choose from. This is to satisfy every special need.

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Technical curtains

Not only tradition: thanks to the industry-leading brands, we are able to offer a good choice of products. Attentive to technological innovations, we provide all our experience studying the most appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

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We also perform upholstery renewal on sofas and antique chairs , paying particular attention to the use of strictly traditional techniques and materials. We are able to produce tailor-made covers offering a wide choice of fabrics in many different colours and designs. Our craftsmen can also intervene on the structure of the chair in order […]

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Wall fabric

For those wishing to give a touch of aristocracy to their home or simply something different from the wallpaper, we offer our expertise in the upholstery wall.

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